Friday, April 17, 2009

Friends, Hope 2 C U Soon...


Dearest Friends, this is goodbye
Bravely I smile, but silently I cry,
My eyes are heavy-so-full of dew-
Just because I think of you.

The years we were together are
The joys we've shared, the things we've done
Not to be a memory fade
But an everlasting jade.

For 5 years we met in Mersing
In a school, in a class, at the field, camping together
Whenever I think of these, my dear,
I feel sad, and fight my fear.

5 years and so short they seem,
A fleeting glance, a passing dream.
Now, when at the sky I stare;
I see no clouds, I see you there

But, oh, is this the last goodbye?
For the years fold gently by.
We will never ever meet once more?
To smile, to laugh, just like before?

My friends, my pupils, my dearest all,
As the little plants grow, and the little ones fall, Please, oh please! Think of me, that's all.


MISS YOU.......

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